Craft Beer Brewery Hopping Tour at MATSUYAMA

In Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, a region rich in natural beauty with its sea and mountains, several breweries that produce unique craft beer have been popping up one after another in recent years.

The Craft Beer Brewery
Hopping Tour
is a journey to explore these unique breweries in Matsuyama.

In addition to beer-tasting experiences, the tour also introduce popular sightseeing spots such as Dogo Onsen hot springs and Matsuyama Castle, allowing you to fully enjoy Matsuyama.

Breweries to Visit on the Tour:


    Location: 803-1, Yuramachi, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture

    Located just 10 minutes by ferry from Matsuyama, Gogoshima Island is a peaceful island. This brewery, renovated from an old house on the island, offers a relaxed atmosphere where you can leisurely enjoy a drink.

    ★Recommended Craft Beer★

    Hazy IPA

    A refreshing IPA with a citrusy acidity upfront and a hint of sweetness in the finish.

  • HOJO Brewing & Stays

    Location: 32-70, Shimonambakabuto, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture

    Notable for its ocean-blue exterior, this brewery offers a memorable experience with a view of the Seto Inland Sea right in front of you. They also operate a guesthouse where you can enjoy ocean views day and night from the terrace.

    ★Recommended Craft Beer★

    Chocolate Sweet Stout

    A dark beer with a strong acidity that blends citrusy brightness and the richness of chocolate, leaving a lasting aroma.

  • Dogo Beer & Dogo Ichie

    Location: 3-18, Dogokitamachi, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture

    Produced by Mizuguchi Sake Brewery, which has a 120-year history, this brewery sells products that utilize locally sourced ingredients in Ehime Prefecture. Come and immerse yourself in Ehime's culture alongside craft beer brewed with dedication by sake professionals.

    ★Recommended Craft Beer★

    Yuagari IPA

    Featuring a strong bitterness and a fruity aroma reminiscent of a combination of fruits, it provides a refreshing sensation that is addicting and that is perfect for after bathing.

  • Mugijuku Den

    Location: 2-5-13, Haraikawa, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture

    This brewery, located in the relaxed port town of Mitsuhama, also operates a guesthouse. Enjoy craft beer in a cozy atmosphere while engaging in conversations; it's sure to be a memorable experience.

    ★Recommended Craft Beer★

    Comet DoKuRo

    This rich dark beer starts with a sweet taste and then releases a luxurious chocolate aroma.

  • DD4D Brewing&Clothing Store

    Location: 4-2-6 DD4D Building 1F, Chifunemachi, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture

    A brewery that combines a boutique and a brewing facility in the city. Enjoy immersing yourself in a unique atmosphere that blends sophistication with playfulness, with original craft beer and carefully selected attractive fashion items.

    DD4D Factory&Curiosities

    Location: 2-12-19, Sumiyoshi, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture

    This brewery, housed in a converted warehouse in the recently popular Mitsuhama, also has a tasting room. Enjoy a craft beer while gazing at the giant tanks.

    ★Recommended Craft Beer★


    Easy to drink with mild acidity and bitterness, this craft beer stands out with its fruity sweetness, reminiscent of mangoes and peaches.

Tour Details
Includes a dedicated tumbler
and a guide.

Craft Beer and
Matsuyama Sea Tour

Held every Saturday.

This tours visits three breweries in Matsuyama. You can enjoy craft beers while experiencing Matsuyama’s ocean attractions such as: Gogo Island (accessed by ferry), the popular Mitsuhama area, and the famous sunset spot Monchichi Coast.

Meeting Point
Meeting Point
Entrance of Ookaido Shopping Street in Matsuyama City. We will first introduce the guide and provide an overview of the tour before departing by chartered taxis.
Departure from Takahama Port
Departure from Takahama Port
We will board a ferry from Takahama Port to Gogo Island, where the first brewery “GOGOSHIMA BEER FARM” is located. Enjoy the 15-minute ride while listening to the explanations on the scenery.
An old island house renovated into a brewery. Relax and enjoy your craft beer of choice while listening to the owner’s story.
Departure from Yura Port
Departure from Yura Port
Near Yura Port, we will make a stop at “cotton john coffee” for some delicious coffee and souvenirs. Afterwards we will take a ferry back to Takahama Port. Information on the next brewery will be given on the ferry.
This brewery has a tasting room as well as a brewing facility that was converted from an old warehouse. Enjoy Mitsuhama-yaki, a local soul food, alongside some craft beer.
HOJO Brewing & Stays
HOJO Brewing & Stays
It takes about an hour by taxi to reach this brewery, which also operates a guesthouse with ocean views. Before the tour concludes at the Ookaido Shopping Street, enjoy a special drink while gazing at the Seto Inland Sea.
Tour End
After arriving at the original meeting place at the entry to the Ookaido Shopping Street, we will disperse. Please do come back to Ehime Prefecture and Matsuyama City again!

Craft Beer, History, and
Culture Tour of Matsuyama

Held every Sunday.

This tour visits four breweries in Matsuyama. You can explore Matsuyama City’s history and culture while tasting various craft beers and visiting various local attractions like Matsuyama Castle, Mitsuhama, and Dogo Onsen.

We will gather at DD4D BREWING & CLOTHING in the heart of Matsuyama City. After grabbing your favorite craft beer, we will move to Matsuyama Castle via chartered taxis.
Toast at Matsuyama Castle
Toast at Matsuyama Castle
Let’s raise a toast while overlooking the cityscape. Enjoy your craft beer while learning about Matsuyama Castle. Also, there is “Jakokatsu” at the Jozanso inside the castle which is perfect as a snack.
Tour a brewery that has a tasting room as well as a brewing facility that was converted from an old warehouse. See the massive brewing tanks as you enjoy a beer.
Bakushukuden-Guest House Brew
Bakushukuden-Guest House Brew
A brewery with a relaxed and homely atmosphere located in near the port. You should enjoy some “Mitsuhama-yaki” a local soul food along with your craft beer.
Exploring Dogo Onsen
Exploring Dogo Onsen
Take a leisurely stroll around the Dogo onsen’s main building and the shopping district. We will proceed to the next point after stopping by some souvenir shops.
Dogo Beer
Dogo Beer
At a beer bar, taste craft beer meticulously brewed by professionals from Mizuguchi Sake Brewery, which has 120 years of history. They also sell goods that highlight Ehime Prefecture’s products.
Tour End
After enjoying Dogo Beer, we will disperse. Please do come back to Ehime Prefecture and Matsuyama City again!

Tour Implementation Summary

Operation Period
The “Matsuyama Sea Tour Course” from January to March 2024 will be available every Saturday and the “Matsuyama History and Culture Course” will be held every Sunday.
Tour Fees (including tax)
For two participants: 35,000 JPY per person.
For three or more participants: 30,000 JPY per person.
Included in the Fee
Taxi fares between breweries, one craft beer at each brewery, ferry fares, ropeway fares, and guide fees.
Minimum Number of Participants
Two Individuals.
Minimum Number of Applicants
Two Individuals.
Maximum Number of Applicants
Seven Individuals.
Supported Languages
Japanese and English (through a translation device).
Cancellation Fees
Cancellation fees are calculated based on the number of days between the cancellation date and the date of the tour.
Cancellation three to one day before the tour: Cancelation fee will be 20% of the tour fee.
Cancellation on the day of the tour: Cancelation fee will be 50% of the tour fee. No-shows: Cancelation fee will be 100% of the tour fee.
Organizing Company
KIRI Co., Ltd. (Ehime Prefecture Governor Registered Travel Agency Area- 214)
Other Notices
  • Participants must be 20 years of age or older since this tour involves alcohol.
  • Tours will be held even in rainy weather.
  • Only the first drink at each brewery is included in the tour fee. Additional drinks are not covered.
  • Meals are not included in the tour fee; we recommend that you have lunch before the start of the tour.
Contact Information
KIRI Co., Ltd. (In Charge: Kato and Nakano)